Thursday, March 2, 2017

Final Word

Dear all,

You started witnessing some of the important photographs which were procured by me after a lapse of nearly 10 years after the yaagam.  

These are the rare photographs and they speak of the pleasant days when the entire team was together for over a year with a sole aim of completing the task to the best of our abilities. 


Hence, We have shown to the world that the team work is always result oriented. 

Yes, We have also shown to the world that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A HUMAN BEING. 

Yes, we made our lives purposeful, eventful, and we contributed our best to the society in the hardest days of the society.  

Yes, Miss Marian Pinzi - an Italian who did research on this event, specified that this Yaagam helped INDIA - ECONOMICALLY; SOCIALLY; POLITICALLY; CULTURALLY; IN TIMELY RAINS; STRONG FINANCIAL BASE   AS COMPARED TO 1-1-2005 TO TODAY.  

Everyone has to accept these basic details and facts. 

Now, it is upto you to decide and believe whether HOLY SHRI ASWAMEDHAYAAGAM is the main event that brought unusual changes in the country or some other factors.  It is your choice. 

The team is ready to perform SHRI VISWAJIT YAAGAM for overall prosperity of the country in due course of time.  I do not know where I stand financially for this great and UNUSUAL EVENT. 

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah. 

Affectionately, fraternally 

End of the Yaagam

I am fortunate I have been honored as ASWAMEDHAYAAJI after the event and at the end of the event.  This honor is not simple for ME but for the entire team/  If the dedicated team did not contribute to their mighty, perhaps as a LONE person, I could have been a failure.  

My Small Team for the Yaagam

This great historical event was performed by a small team as shown in the first photo.  The last photo is another great and rare photograph where one can see Shri Prakasa Rao ( Called as TATA Garu) who recently died.  He is from Narayan Khed in Adilabad District and a very good guide and path shower to several hundreds of people.  Unfortunately, he died in a accident in the recent times. 

Dampati Pooja - Worshiping of Couples

It is a great opportunity for me and my wife when we could honor aged couples to the tune of atleast 200 in the Event.  It was a great pleasure and we did not restricted ourself to caste or religion in this aspect. 

Shri Arvind Rao IPS

Shri Arvind Rao IPS was the Chief of Intelligence of AP State who visited the Yaagam.  He is one of the sanskrit scholars and a most eminent personality of the State.  

Shri Mahant Narayana Giri

Shri Mahant Narayana Giri Swamiji is one of my closest associates.  He retained several positions in the SADHU SANT Society of India and abroad.  We used to visit several places and the saint with a long beard is another great personality who made the vedic scholars dance to the tunes with his melodious bhajan.  

Honor to the Great Personalities

Perhaps 200 plus awards were given to great personalities who have contributed their best to the society in various fields during the Holy Yaagam.  

It is pertinent to mention that so far Myself, my wife  and our only son P Maruti Rama Raghav together honored or distributed awards to various personalities till now exceeding to 500 and the most relevant was MAHAA KAVI KALIDAAS GNANA RATNA AWARD.  Please take pains to visit another blog with documentary details in and surely you will enjoy the most enjoyable matters.  Getting a award is a reward to our contribution, giving a award indicates our talent to identify the greatness in others.  I trust this concept.