Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some More Documentary Evidences

Platform for Yaagam

The Platform for the Yaagam was constructed using nearly 200000 of bricks in an eagle shape. The dimensions are 30 x 20 with the wings of the eagle spread. The depth of the havan kund was more than 6 ft. It was 5 X 5 X 6. Years ago, may be somewhere around 1980s Shri Kappagantu Subrahmanya Yajwa popularly known as Chayanulu - narrated me as to how Yagnaas are to be conducted and he was telling me about the Chayanam which was performed by him around 1950s. He had enough knowledge of the rituals of ancient times. I did not know that the information passed onto me during 1980s would become useful in 2005.

Further information

Some details of the Yaagam as Published in Papers

Some how people were convinced that the Yaagam was surely going to take place. More details for the intermediary period is given in the book specially written on Shri Aswamedhayaagam. I do not know whether I can get it printed or not. I have no compromise on my policy and no items or book from hand is for sale. All of them are given preferably free of cost. Hence I do not know my financial capacity to get the book printed. Any way amidst lot of humiliation, mental torture by known and unknown, the program is taken ahead and people started entering into picture as if it is being organized by them. But the fact remains, that neither the procedural part, nor at the ground root level, nor at any stage, I was supported and I was taken for granted. This is my feeling from heart of heart.

Camp Office for the Yaagam

The first steps for the Proposed Yaagam on 11th December 2005, were taken in the month of February 2005. Yaaga Deeksha was taken in the month of February and when the information of the proposed Shri Aswamedhayaagam was given to friends and others, they simply laughed at me. They said that the Yaagam should have taken up only by Kings in the welfare of the Society. They also said that a brahmin by birth should not take up this and this is meant only for Kshatriyaas. Lot of discouragement and lot of negative information about the yaagam and more than 95% of known and unknown discouraged me. It was further added that the Yaagam was barred in Kaliyug. But then a strong will and blesssings from sources which I may not mention here, took me further to take a lead and find out the possibilities and the relevant text to examine as to why it was barred or why it should not be taken up by Brahmins. A Brahmin by nature should be "Pura - Hita" which means a person who always aims at the welfare of universal peace and prosperity. I was to take up the deeksha for successful completion of the yaagam and I took oath that I should go round Holy Manasarovar within the one year long period and I also took oath to perform Shri Chakra Viseshaarchana on every full moon day. In the month of June myself and my wife Padmavathy inspite of several health restraints, made a parikrama to the Holy Maanasa Sarovar and performed nearly 24 Havans in different parts while on journey to Mt Kailash and Muktinaath. We did not have food for over 44 days during the course of journey and we prayed Lords whole heartedly to get the shouldered job completed successfully in the welfare of mankind and in the context of World Peace. Amidst several unusual odds the camp office started but it survived only for a week or so after starting. I may not be able to write all that what had happened since it would not remain palatable for many, so called supporters.

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