Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Great and fortunate HH Susamendra Swamiji of Shri Raghavendra Mutt Mantralayam

If I wish to say whether some one is fortunate in the event, surely I say " I am fortunate and my family is fortunate and those who attended and witnessed the Yaagam are fortunate particularly those who took darshan of HH and blessings of HH Shri Swamiji.  

The reason, it was a tough time for me to arrange for funds for the Yaagam and I was to put my house for sale as already circulated to all in the Holy Event itself. One of such forms are already uploaded in the exhibits.  I was to decide whether I should drop or continue the idea of performing the Holy Historical Yaagam.  I went to Mantralayam along with some friends particularly along with Shir Venkateswara Rao of Guntur and his associates.  I stood far away from HH and sent the invitation written in Sanskrit.  HH was offering Teertha and Prasadam to the devotees.  On seeing the most beautifully decorated Invitation as was used in the olden days by Maharaajas etc.  He went through the entire script carefully.  He asked his associate, who is the person who brought this to him, and that gentleman showed me.  HH called me to come close to him.  HH said that he is coming to the Yaagam unfailingly as he said " it is the only one Yaagam which gives Moksham - salvation to any soul by just seeing the Havan Kund" He was so great and he could notice the importance of the event.  I felt really proud and just then I decided to complete the Yaagam what ever are the hurdles and difficulties I face. 
HH visited the Yaagam and got down from the Car in front of the gate and he refused to sit in the Horse cart specially arranged and driven by me and my wife.  He walked all the way to the entire area with the support of myself and my wife.  Ultimately, he addressed the gathering from the dais and blessed those who were present.  

We are in one word "fortunate" as Lord Raghavendra Swamy Himself walked to the Yaagam. 

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