Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Press Meet for the Holy Shri Aswamedhayaagam

Some of the Unique photographs were given to me in the recent time.  I could not get the complete pictures due to non availability of funds for videograph and photograph while performing the Yaagam.  Anyway, some of my friends helped me with their clippings which are incidentally brought to my notice.  I wish to place these photographs before all of you as they are most memorable and sweet and pleasant events for those who have participated and for those who wish to know more of the Yaagam. It is my fortune that sincere and most honored gentlemen Shri P V R K Prasad IAS and Shri P Venkateswarulu Garu of Kakatiya Cement supported my adventurous step of performing Holy Shri Aswamedhayaagam.  This great event could not have been complete but for their support.  

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