Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The great Rudraksh Lingam using almost 100000 Rudhrakshs


This particular Shape is made out of vegetables as one day in the early hours before sun rise time, I was offering Holy Items in the Yaaga Kund, suddenly, I found a mighty personality in the shape of a vegetables which are the strength and source of energy for a human being.  I requested available friends to decorate the Shiv Ling with the available vegetables and the shape is in the process of arranging.  Unfortunately, the final shape photograph is not readily available.  Anyone who has preserved may help me to get the same loaded to this so that people will see what it is. 

The construction of Rudraksh Linga was a challenging task.  The base structure was constructed with bamboo lengths without using a single iron piece or Nile.  The Structure was made at Ramnagar in my residence road and later was brought by truck to the venue at Keshav Memorial School at Narayanguda.  After bringing the same to the venue all the Rudrakshas which were received earlier through transportation were taken to the venue and the entire structure was decorated and reshaped with the same as a mighty Shiv Ling.  After the Yaagam - almost all the Rudrakshas were distributed to those who attended the Yaagam as Prasadam. 

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