Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Visit to Holy Saint in Amrutsar Golden Temple for Aswamedhayaagam

Myself and Shri Ranjan Chopra visited Amritsar Golden Temple to invite the Holy Chief Priest Shri Vedantiji for the Holy Shri Aswamedhayaagam.  He received us in a most unique manner and honored me with a KAMANDALAM and a Saffron Shawl to be used in the Holy Shri Aswamedhayaagam.  It is was a great experience for us.  He assured that he would visit the Yaagam but some how due to some technical reasons he could not attend.  It is to be remembered that the Holy Shir Aswamedhayaagam has no differentiation for Caste, Creed or Religion as the Holy Yaagam is meant and dedicated for Public Cause and support. 

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